Chairman’s Message

By Tom L. Rankin, Chairman

As Tall Timbers moves from planning to implementing our new strategic plan, a major goal of the Board continues to be ensuring the financial strength to support these efforts. Solving regional conservation issues and conducting relevant long-term research requires adequate and consistent resources. As we grow our organization with additional programs, employees and partnerships, we are doing so without jeopardizing existing programs or risking unsustainable budgets. We take a long-term view of financial planning and are fortunate to have trustees and committee members with a wealth of financial expertise.

Our Foundation strengthened its investment policies. In doing so, we clarified the roles of its Investment Committee and that of our investment advisor and managers. This will equip us to manage the planned growth of budgets and to deal with inevitable market uncertainties.

Planning, investing and asset growth have allowed Tall Timbers to attract funding partners that share common goals. Collectively, we are proud that Tall Timbers continues to be a good steward of your donations and works to leverage each dollar to achieve more towards our shared conservation goals.