Chairman’s Message

By Cornelia G. Corbett, Chairman

The success of Tall Timbers is largely due to the great work of our dedicated staff, past, present and future! One of my goals during my tenure as chairman is to build the capacity of the organization to ensure our staff has the resources to continue to protect the region AND find innovative solutions to the regional conservation issues. As a board, we are committed to growing our endowments, members, and partners.

Membership is important to Tall Timbers. We need you; our members not only help fund our work, but to apply our conservation and management information on your land, or in your jobs. That effort will help us achieve our mission and in general will enhance the whole Red Hills region. We have greatly increased our membership and fundraising efforts. We redesigned our membership program by adding new levels to encourage more folks to join and to attract the leaders of the future generation. We added new media, such as the Tall Timbers eJournal, an online magazine, which provides members with longer, more in-depth articles offering a better view of our programs. We also partnered with other organizations to educate the public not only on the importance of the Red Hills but why it is critically important to protect these lands.

Tall Timbers has made great strides in building financial AND research capacity. The largest gift in our history was contributed to Tall Timbers — Dixie Plantation!! Talk about building capacity — THAT is building capacity!!! We also kicked off an effort to increase out Fire Ecology Endowment to reach a goal of two million dollars. We are more than half way there. Prescribed fire is at the heart of every program at Tall Timbers and it is what keeps the Red Hills healthy!

This is a time for our organization to think big! There is still so much to do and information and research to publish and distribute. As we build our capacity, we accept the responsibility to continue to do good work with your donations. To that end, our board and staff will participate in a strategic planning effort in 2015 and 2016. The Board is determined to have Tall Timbers be all it can be. Stay tuned!!