Land Protection


Lake Iamonia – Photo by Neil Fleckenstein

Tall Timbers is considered one of the premier land trusts in the nation, conserving working forests, farms, and recreational lands in southwest Georgia and north Florida. Since the inception of the TTLC in 1990, more than 128,000 acres have been conserved by Tall Timbers. The strategic goal is to now close the gap between protected and unprotected lands in the Red Hills, and in other focus areas that further Tall Timbers’ mission. These easements protect in perpetuity land that buffers our beautiful rivers and lakes, park-like pine forests, and scenic vistas that distinguish the rural character of southwest Georgia and the greater Red Hills region of north Florida. The public benefits from these easements as they serve to protect the region’s high water quality, clean air, wildlife and distinctive canopy roads.

Tall Timbers’ easement program is successful because it balances consumptive use of resources with sustainable management that conserves biodiversity. At the heart of the easement program is the encouragement of implementing good land stewardship, both for economic sustainability and ecological values. Our easements and management plans are tailored to the needs of the owner and the land. Goals are established based on principles of ecological forestry to protect and enhance the land’s aesthetics, wildlife habitat, pine timber production, and conserve the ecosystems in southwest Georgia and the Red Hills region of north Florida.