Diana McGrath

Game Bird Biologist

Diana McGrath


Office: 13093 Henry Beadel Drive Tallahassee, FL 32312

Phone: 850-893-4153, ext. 237

Email: dmcgrath@ttrs.org




M.S. Forestry and Natural Resources, 2016, University of Georgia
B.S. Biology, 2013, SUNY Geneseo

Research Interests

  • Behavioral Ecology: I am interested in studying behavioral mechanisms as drivers of biological processes such as foraging, reproductive patterns and movement behavior. I am also interested in how variations among behavior could translate to fitness consequences and establishing assays to measure behavior in the field in the context of upland game birds.
  • Predator/ Prey Dynamics: I am interested in studying aspects of predator- prey dynamics in the context of long leaf pine ecosystems. Specifically, I am interested in how predator movement patterns and space use (i.e. home range placement and hunting mode) influence prey movement behavior.
  • Landscape Ecology: I am interested in studying how broad spatial patterns impact interactions between organisms and the environment. Specifically I am interested in studying how localized levels of northern bobwhite management impact population dynamics across the red hills region.

Personal Interests
I enjoy spending my free time hiking, camping, fishing and trail running. In addition I love relaxing with a good book and cooking all sorts of food. I also love to kayak and explore new areas. One of my life goals is to visit all the National Parks.