The E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database

EVKomarekThe donation of personal research collections from E.V. Komarek and H.L. Stoddard, who were two of the key founders of Tall Timbers, was the original impetus for the Tall Timbers Board of Trusjfcp-logotees to mandate creation of a computerized bibliographic database. Since its inception in 1987, the database has been continually expanded under the direction of the Tall Timbers librarian funded in part through the Joint Fire Sciences Program’s Southern Fire Southern Fire Exhange logo color.fwExchange. Although international in scope, the database emphasizes the southeastern United States, the USA, and North America. Historical and current works are included. Currently, there are over 30,000 citations in the database. The Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Thesaurus is the tool created by the library for indexing database records.

SEARCH the Fire Ecology Database

In 2011, the Tall Timbers E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database was combined with the Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES) to provide more access to bibliographic records in a unique, extensive collection of fire ecology and fire science literature. The Library also collaborated with FRAMES with support from the Joint Fire Sciences Program to develop a web-based gateway for fire information called the Southern Fire Portal (SFP), which provides access to fire data, documents, projects, tools, and websites related to fire and natural resource management in the southern United States. The Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Database and the Southern Research Station’s online Encyclopedia of Southern Fire Science are key components of the SFP.

Document delivery of materials cited in the database is not provided. Users are encouraged to access local library resources or a commercial document delivery service to obtain materials listed in the database. Most URLs in database records lead to publisher’s Web sites. In some recent records, links to PDFs are available.

Database topics include:

  • fire ecology
  • prescribed fires
  • wildfires
  • fire histories and case studies
  • ecology of the southeastern United States

Bibliographic sources include:

  • journal articles
  • books and government documents (federal & state)
  • conference proceedings (including all Proceedings of the TTRS Fire Ecology Conferences, with abstracts)
  • magazine and newspaper articles
  • theses

Database indexing for each item includes:

  • fire terms ecological and forestry terms
  • geographic designations (by state, region, country, continent, etc.)
  • habitat types
  • management types
  • scientific names of plants and animals
  • common names of plants and animals

Using Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Thesaurus and Other Search Aids

In the Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Thesaurus you will find a list of words or phrases (i.e., keywords) that are used to describe topics covered by citations listed in the Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Database. Keywords are shown in bold format (if your browser supports it). Look to the last Thesaurus section for geographic terms. Some geographic terms used in the database but not part of the Thesaurus, e.g. Everglades, Yellowstone National Park, Ozarks, Piedmont, Rocky Mountains, etc., are included in List of All Terms. The Thesaurus contains scope notes and cross references that explain the indexing system with its use of broad, narrow, and related subject terms.

Terms in brackets. Please note that in the Thesaurus words and terms in brackets are not used as keywords in the database. When you find a bracketed term, do not use it for searching in the database Keywords field. Instead, use the associated keywords that appear in bold in the column on right.

The table below shows you how the Thesaurus works. The bracketed terms in the left hand column are not used in the database Keywords field; instead, look at the terms in bold in the right hand column; these are used in the database Keywords field. Examples:

If you are interested in: Use these keywords instead:
[abundance] species diversity (plants) and/or species diversity (animals)
[biodiversity] species diversity (plants) and/or species diversity (animals)
[dormant season burning] season of fire
[ecosystem management] ecosystem dynamics
[escape fires] spot fires
[forest fires] wildfires
[growing season burn] season of fire
[prescribed burning] prescribed fires
[season of burn] season of fire

Other Database Search Aids

The Keywords List shows a list of subject keywords only without scope notes and cross references. The List of All Terms shows every searchable term from the keywords field with a record count of times used; list includes scientific names of plants and animals and all geographic descriptors.

Use Comments to submit questions, ideas, corrections, additions, or omissions regarding the Database or Thesaurus.