Game Bird Program

The Game Bird Program’s mission is to conduct pragmatic research advancing the science of game birds, and transferring that science-based knowledge to general land use practitioners.

The hallmark of the Game Bird Program is long-term research with historical roots dating back to Herbert L. Stoddard’s seminal work on Northern Bobwhite and prescribed fire.

Our close-knit relationship with the Plantation Community keeps our work grounded in practical science, serving as a litmus test, sounding board, and conduit for adaptive resource management.

Where Science Meets Management

Full-Time Game Bird Staff

Philip Coppola, PhD – Game Bird Program Coordinator  
Clay Sisson – Albany Quail Project & Livingston Place Director
Alex Jackson – Livingston Place Game Bird Biologist
Paul Grimes – Carolina Regional Game Bird Biologist
Molly Neely-Burnam – Invertebrate Technician
Kyle Magdziuk  Lead Game Bird Technician
Adam White – Albany Quail Wildlife Technician

More than 1,000 radio-tags are deployed annually by the Game Bird Program