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Game Bird Staff

Theron Terhune, PhD

Theron Terhune, PhD

Theron M Terhune, Ph.D., Director Game Bird Program

Clay Sisson, Director Albany Quail Project

Sarah Brown, Public Lands Monitoring Biologist

Adam White, Biologist, Albany Quail Project


Research Associates and Collaborators:

John Carroll, University of Nebraska

Danny Caudill, Alaska Game and Fish

John Cecil, New Jersey Audubon

Andrew Cox, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Brad Dabbert, Texas Tech University

Robert Gitzen, Auburn University

Greg Hagan, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Chris Lepczyk, Auburn University

Bob McCleary, University of Florida

John Parke, New Jersey Audubon

Dan Small, Chester River Field Research Station, Center of Environment and Science

Reggie Thackston, Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Katie Sieving, University of Florida

Roger Shields, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Chris Williams, University of Delaware