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Many southern hunting plantations, and ranches out West, have collected quail hunting information such as covey finds for dozens of years. Traditional means of collecting these data has, to date, consisted of mostly paper records using hunt cards, hunt slips, or notebooks. During the past decade, land owners and land managers have begun to convert these data from paper format stored in file cabinets to digital format using computers and applications such as MS Excel. Yet, entering this data is both labor-intensive and time-consuming; for many properties this data entry requires several days to even several weeks at the end of each season which may delay summarization, evaluation and analysis. However, the advent of smart phones and mobile devices has made it easier than ever to collect this type of data in the field as well as collect additional information such as locational position on-the-fly.

Thus, our primary objective in designing Birds Up was to provide an easy-to-use tool for recording quail hunting information for landowners and land managers. In addition, this information will aid the Game Bird Program at Tall Timbers to identify regional pulses in hunting success and help to advance quail research. For instance, the data collected using this app should help to shape our knowledge of age structure and reproductive output at a broad scale and afford a better understanding about how large-scale management is linked to fluctuations in northern bobwhite population levels. In addition to providing site-specific hunt success information, we also anticipate that data collected using Birds Up over multiple years and multiple properties will help to address habitat questions at local and regional scales.

The name of the app was affectionately derived from the repeated declaration of the phrase “Birds UP!” as birds flushed wild during quail hunts in the Red Hills region. The Birds Up app was designed and tested by quail hunters, and it was additionally vetted and beta-tested for an entire hunting season (2013-14) by local plantation landowners and managers in the Red Hills region. It is still very much a work in progress and we look forward to hearing from you on ways we can improve the app and better serve your needs.

Birds Up Screen Shot

Birds Up Screen Shot

Birds up is a tool for recording northern bobwhite quail hunting data (e.g., hunt encounters such as Covey Points, Single Points, Wild Flushes and Unproductive Points as well as harvest information) in the field using a mobile device. The app is currently only available for iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini, but we anticipate that the app will be available for Android devices by the beginning of next hunting season. Click here to view the Birds Up app in iTunes or on the App store.