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Invasive Tracker App

Invasive Tracker Login Screen

Invasive Tracker Login Screen

An ongoing challenge of land managers is ensuring quality habitat for quail and other wildlife among varying soil types, weather conditions and landscape contexts. On the thousands of acres we peruse each year, we have seen an explosion in invasive and non-native, exotic plants over the past decade. Invasive Species are one of the largest threats to our terrestrial, coastal and freshwater ecosystems – it truly is a global issue. In addition, invasive species are a leading cause of native species extinction and degradation of habitat in some areas by causing severe and sometimes permanent damage to the habitats they invade. They can also have considerable economic consequences with the estimated damage from invasive species worldwide totaling more than $1.4 trillion. Closer to home, invasive species can reduce the quality of quail woods and the cost to control or eradicate them may be in the thousands of dollars depending on the invasive plant and extent.

Several invasive species apps already exist but none afford the ability to easily track the application of treatments and management status toward the control of undesirable, invasive plants. As such, the Game Bird Program at Tall Timbers developed the InvasiveTracker app to provide an easy-to-use tool for landowners, land managers, and biologists for recording and tracking invasive species and their management on private lands.

InvasiveTracker is an app designed for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) to allow landowners and managers to easily report and track their invasive species. The InvasiveTracker app provides numerous functions, including:

  • Identify Invasive – scroll through pictures of common invasive plants;
  • Add a Report – records an occurrence of an invasive;
  • View Active Reports – view, on map, all reports of invasive plants for an individual user;
  • View Archived Reports – view, on map, all archived  reports of invasive plants for an individual user;
  • Add Treatments – keeps track of management action applied to control invasive; and
  • Add Status Updates – tracks management and control of the invasive.
Invasive Tracker Screen Shots

Invasive Tracker Screen Shots

All the data collected using the app will be secure and password protected by individual users; however, in the future, as more users track management and control of invasive plants building a large database, we will use the treatment information to develop and disseminate best management practices for specific invasive species. InvsaiveTracker will be available to download for free, if you are a Tall Timbers member, in the App Store by August 2015. If you have any questions or comments about this app please contact Theron via email (