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Quail Trax Login Screen

Quail Trax Login Screen

Integrating population monitoring into a management plan is a valuable way to evaluate progress toward or success at meeting a management objective. Monitoring information provides the evidence for  the need of management action as well as the response to management (i.e., population increase). As part of the research process at Tall Timbers, the Game Bird Program has developed numerous techniques for evaluating animal populations potentially affecting northern bobwhite. Some of the more common techniques include:

  • Spring male counts
  • Fall covey call point and quadrat counts
  • Predator Index
  • Brood Index

Quail Trax will provide a means for land managers and biologists to collect these types of data using a mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPAD). A web application will accompany the mobile application enabling users to query, view, and analyze their population monitoring data. This app is currently being developed but we hope it will be available by August 2016.