Monica T. Rother

Fire Ecologist

Monica Rother


Office: 160 Wade Research Center

Address: 13093 Henry Beadel Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32312

Phone: (850) 893-4153, ext. 342

Fax: (850) 668-7781

Email: Monica Rother


Ph.D., Geography, 2015, University of Colorado, Boulder

M.S., Geography, 2010, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

B.A., Environmental Science, 2005, Willamette University

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CURRICULUM VITAE – June 2017 version

Research Interests: My research interests include plant community ecology, dendrochronology, fire ecology, prescribed fire, and biogeography. I have conducted research in a variety of pine-dominated ecosystems including in the Southeastern Coastal Plain, the Southwest, and the Rocky Mountains. I recently collaborated with Research Associate Jean Huffman and Fire Ecology Program Director Kevin Robertson to establish the Southeastern Coastal Plain Tree-Ring Laboratory. See our tree-ring laboratory website.



Rother, M.T. and Veblen, T.T. (2017). Climate Drives Episodic Conifer Establishment after Fire in Dry Ponderosa Pine Forests of the Colorado Front Range, USAForests 8(5), doi: 10.3390/f8050159.

Robertson, K.M., Rother, M.T., and Reid, A.M. (In review). Soil disturbance by disking affects plant species composition in a native longleaf pine-grassland community.

Huffman, J.M. and Rother, M.T. (2017). Dendrochronological field methods for fire history in pine ecosystems of the Southeastern Coastal Plain. Tree-Ring Research 73(1), 42–46.

Rother, M.T. and Veblen, T.T. (2016). Limited conifer regeneration following wildfires in dry ponderosa pine forests of the Colorado Front Range. Ecosphere 7(12), 1-17, e01594.

Rother, M.T., Veblen, T.T., and Furman, L.G. (2015). A field experiment informs expected patterns of conifer regeneration after disturbance under changing climate conditions. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 45, 1607–1616.

Rother, M.T. and Grissino-Mayer, H.D. (2014). Climatic influences on fire regimes in ponderosa pine forests of the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 322, 69–77.