Resource Management at Tall Timbers

By Eric Staller, Natural Resources Coordinator/Land Manager

Andrew Chase and Eric Staller

L-R, Andrew Chase, Forest Operations and Eric Staller, Resource Coordinator/Land Manager

Open, park-like forest

Open, park-like forest

The primary responsibilities of the Resource Management Program at Tall Timbers are; to manage the land so that the upland forests are maintained in an open, park-like condition, and to monitor ground cover (vegetation) and animal populations. Prescribed fire, mechanical tools, and chemical techniques are used to accomplish the open park-like conditions, while various surveys and photo points are used to monitor animal populations and ground cover.

Stodard-quoteOther responsibilities of Resource Management are maintaining facilities and grounds, assisting senior scientists with the implementation of their experimental treatments, and facilitating seminars, tours, and other outreach activities.

Present staff includes Eric Staller, and Andrew Chase.

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