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Fall 2018 | Vol 11 | No 4   


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Albany damageHurricane Michael Severely Damages Forest Lands in the Region

Hurricane Michael made landfall at 12:30 PM, Wednesday, October 10, near Mexico Beach, Florida with sustained winds of 155 mph. It entered Georgia as a Category 4 storm, and quickly headed to the northeast causing catastrophic damage to timber stands as far north as Albany, Georgia.

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BobwhiteBobwhites in the Eye of the Storm

While the devastating effects of hurricanes headline the news and social media, from wind-torn towns and cities to flooded interstates and washed out roadways, their impacts on wildlife, and bobwhite in particular, are frequently part of the conversation during or following such events

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Woodyard Hammock SeedlingsHurricane Michael Impacts Woodyard Hammock

When Dr. William Platt established a long-term study of the Woodyard Hammock old-growth beech-magnolia forest on Tall Timbers in 1978, he had hurricanes in mind. He was interested in how tropical storms would contribute to perpetuation of this ancient forest.

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Wiregrass plotTall Timbers’ Experimental Wiregrass Plots Remapped

Anthony "T.J." Laucevicius, an intern from Gallaudet University in Washington DC, spent most of his summer with the Fire Ecology Program by remapping experimental plot of wiregrass (A. stricta  var. beyrichiana), established by Dr. Bruce Means in 1981.

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RCWNew Population of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers on Dixie Plantation Established

Just before the Thanksgiving break, staff with the Stoddard Bird Lab completed the first phase of work needed to establish a new population of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers on Dixie Plantation. With help from Georgia DNR biologists Joe Burnam, Zach Henshaw, and Phil Spivey, 7 juvenile male and female woodpeckers were captured on properties in the Red Hills region, transported to Dixie, and released the following morning.

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