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Vol. 3 | No. 3 | June/July 2010   


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Quail Hatch – So Far So Good

By Dr. Bill Palmer, Game Bird Program Director

Bobwhite and broodThe quail hatch is off to a solid start! As predicted bobwhite survival remains relatively high for the Red Hills Region and moderately high in the Albany Region. In the Thomasville and Tallahassee areas cotton rat populations remain high. Previous research has suggested that rats cycle on a 6 to 10-year period. It is interesting that the last memorable peak was during 2001-02 in the Red Hills area, about nine years ago. In that year rat numbers were so high we documented cotton rats actually biting the legs of bobwhite chicks during the night while they were brooded by parents.

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Boston Tractor Donates New John Deere Tractor to Land Management Program

TractorThe Tall Timbers Land Management Program is responsible for managing the 4,000 acre Tall Timbers property in a natural and open park-like condition. Annual mowing, disking, chopping, feeding and of course burning of the woods require constant attention from Land Management staff Eric Staller and Jerome Golden. Their hard work in the woods allows for the optimal conditions from which our research scientists can conduct their long term studies.

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UERP Update

 By Greg Hagan, UERP Coordinator
The Upland Ecosystem Restoration Project (UERP) continues to implement on-the-ground management to improve habitat conditions for northern bobwhites and other fire-dependent wildlife species on public lands throughout Florida.
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