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Vol. 4 | No. 3 | April 2011   


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Miss Kate Ireland leading the Red Hills Consortium meeting, 1990.What did Miss Kate Ireland mean to Tall Timbers?

Simply stated — the World! Miss Kate was the driving force behind the entire “conservation movement” here in the Red Hills. Of course, she had help and lots of it from her friends and neighbors, and Tall Timbers staff and Board, but she was the first to buy in to the concept of protecting the landscape for continuing hunting and traditional rural land uses for present and future generations to enjoy as she had and as her family before her had.

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Kate Ireland — leadership with passion and vision

Whether saving a farm or the landscape of a distinct region, it takes leadership with passion and vision. Kate Ireland certainly had that passion and vision. Due to her outstanding organizational and people skills, she was asked to lead the effort to save her beloved Red Hills.

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Kate Ireland MemorialMiss Kate and her Labrador retrievers

Tall Timbers lost an iconic figure with the recent passing of Kate Ireland. Perhaps no one figure has cast a longer shadow on the organization in our fifty-two year history than “Miss Kate”. Her tenacious spirit and dedicated leadership ushered Tall Timbers into a new era with a global reputation for exemplary science based research and a national model for land conservation.

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Quail populations - what goes up, must come down

Over the past 14 years we have witnessed 3 quail population “peaks” in the Red Hills, one in 1996-97, one in 2001-02 and most recently last year during the 2010-11 season. If the 2010-11 hunting season was the actual peak of populations remains unknown at this time.  However, in between these peaks there must be a valley!

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