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Vol. 4 | No. 4| June 2011   


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Quail chicks in nestQuail hatch — drought conditions influence hatch regionally

Despite severe dry weather and temperatures flirting with 100 degrees, quail nesting rate on Tall Timbers is similar to last year’s statistics. Current nesting statistics show 0.36 nests per hen versus 0.32 for hens last year. Adult survival since the beginning of the nesting season is actually higher this spring on Tall Timbers, currently at 81%, versus 72% last spring. High survival of adults bodes well for a strong mid to late season hatch as drought conditions begin to moderate.

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Second Public Lands Summit held at Tall Timbers

In April 2011, a second Public Lands Summit was held at Tall Timbers to update the state and federal agency leadership on the Upland Ecosystem Restoration Project (UERP) – its successes and challenges. UERP is a multi-agency effort to increase populations of northern bobwhites and other declining fire-dependent wildlife species.

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Stephen SmallRed Hills Spring Dinner and Easement Seminar recap

With a gentle breeze blowing off Lake Iamonia, some 200 guests celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Red Hills Spring Dinner on April 8 at Tall Timbers. The dinner address was given by noted tax attorney, Stephen Small, who spoke at the inaugural dinner in 1991.

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