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Vol. 4 | No. 5 | August 2011   


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Raccoon at scent stationQuail Nest Predator Index – using Tall Timbers as a threshold test site

In our studies of nest predation, we have developed a predator index that tracks the relative abundance and activity of nest predators on a property. The index entails running scent stations, which are sand rings with a scent tablet that attracts mammals, to determine the level of activity by nest predators. We use this value to judge if their abundance reaches a point that severely reduces the reproduction of a quail population.

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Wacissa RiverNestlé abandons plans to use Wacissa River for bottling

In an issue that had as many twists and turns as the Wacissa River itself, Nestlé Waters North America announced on July 27, 2011 they would no longer pursue using the Wacissa River as a water source for commercial bottling.

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Fire in juvenile longleaf pineFuel consumption in southern pine forests 

Ability to predict fuel consumption during fires is essential for a wide range of applications, including estimation of fire effects and pollution emissions, which influence our ability to conduct prescribed burns. We are close to publishing results providing estimates of fuel consumption during 212 prescribed burns in southern pine forests under a range of land cover conditions, including native versus old-field pine forest, summer verses winter burns, and 1-4 years since last fire.

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