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Vol. 4 | No. 6 | December 2011   


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A report on this season's quail hatch

By Bill Palmer, Game Bird Program Director
Covey call counts on properties in the Red Hills and Albany Area indicate populations are down from last year about 25% on average, with some areas seeing more severe declines than others. We attribute much of the decline to lower chick survival during the pre-July hatch as a result of excessive heat and dry weather during June. In most increasing years, the pre-July hatch provides the greater part of fall populations. In 2009 and 2010, both increasing years in the Red Hills, about 45% of the fall population of juveniles came from pre-July hatches.
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Prospects are for continued drought 

By Ron Masters, Director of Research
The latest drought projections have been released as we move into the winter period. La Niña conditions, although not as strong as last year, continue to strengthen. These conditions lead to warm and dry weather in north Florida. A significant part of our area, north Florida and southwest Georgia, is under extreme drought conditions based on the current Palmer Drought Index Map ( These conditions also raise the index for wildland fire potential to above normal.
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Theron Terhune

Meet our new Outreach Coordinator

Tall Timbers is pleased to introduce Dr. Theron M. Terhune, our new Outreach Coordinator, who officially joined our staff  October 1. Establishing this position is a goal of our 2010-2019 Strategic Plan to develop effective outreach, education and communication programs.... With Dr. Terhune at the helm, we are excited to embark on the expansion of our outreach, extension and education efforts.
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Outreach Program 

Where do we start? With whom? And how?

By Theron M. Terhune, Outreach Coordinator
Slurp, Ahhhh, how I love sweet tea. As you well know the best sweet tea is found in the South! And, real sugar is the key to making quality sweet tea - forget all those sweetener alternatives, Aspartame, Splenda, and the like... they just aren't the same. I was at a restaurant in Maryland a few weeks ago, and I asked if they had sweet tea; I should have known the obvious, natural response, "Nope, but we have un-sweet tea with sugar and sweetener right there." I'll have water thank you very much. Now don't get me wrong, there are obvious advantages to these sweeteners like fewer calories, but personally I simply don't wish to settle for anything less than the "real" deal.
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Orchard Pond toll road approved for funding

By Neil Fleckenstein, TTLC Planning Coordinator

A recent proposal by landowner Jeff Phipps to build a 5.3 mile, two-lane toll road through his Orchard Pond Plantation has gained financial support from the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT). The State Infrastructure Bank at Florida DOT has approved a $10.5 million loan with the remainder of the estimated $17 million project to be funded by Mr. Phipps. The toll road will connect Meridian Road and Old Bainbridge Road. 

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