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Vol. 5 | No. 1 | February 2012   


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Quail carry-over, adults as nesters and burning for 2012  

 Thus far our carry-over of quail has remained promising for the 2012 hatch, with 81% of radio-tagged birds remaining alive since November 1 on Tall Timbers and similar survival rate in Albany. This is excellent carry-over to date, but February and March are often the worst months for avian predation on quail, so we are not out of the woods yet. 
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Tall Timbers saves nearly 7,000 acres with new conservation easements

Before the 2011 year’s end, Tall Timbers closed on four donated conservation easements totaling nearly 7,000 acres of land. Three of the easements are in the Red Hills.
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Prescribed burning in dry conditions creates a challenge for land managers

The 2011 year ended by being the second driest year on record in over 100 years. In Tallahassee, the rainfall deficit for the year was more than 24 inches. Throughout the region the effects of the drought have caused gum ponds, cypress domes, depression marshes, and small creeks to go dry. Even larger streams, such as Spring Creek, had zero flow for portions of the summer. The extended forecast, for the first three months in 2012, has predicted continued below average rainfall and above average temperatures, which means the continued drying of fuels and below normal water levels lead to exaggerated fire effects. If these predictions remain accurate, the spring prescribed burning conditions could be very dry and problematic.

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There's a mAP for that!

The late Steve Jobs, Apple visionary and creative guru, coined the catch-phrase: "There's an App For That!"  Slang for Application, an App is a simple but targeted application engineered for a specific task or suite of related tasks. Apps are not supposed to be an all-inclusive solution but rather a targeted task-specific solution designed to work quickly and efficiently. There are Native Computer Apps, Mobile Apps, and On-line Web Apps which may work independently or with other applications. MAPS are very similar to Apps in the sense that to ensure quality and efficiently communicate the targeted message; they should be simple, uncluttered and task-oriented.

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 February and March Management Recommendations

Recommendations on prescribed burning, quail management, forestry, land management and ....

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