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Vol 5 | No 3 | August 2012   


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Midsummer Update on Quail HatchMale quail on nest

We compare midsummer (July 15) demographics among years to provide our first dependable indication of where quail populations are headed for the fall. Bumper hatches of quail occur when we have a very strong early hatch, often followed by a moderate late hatch. This year, with mild winter weather and an early spring, nesting began weeks earlier than normal and have continued relatively strong through July. Here are the results for our study areas in Florida and Georgia.

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Economic Impact of the Red Hills Hunting Plantations

An important part of protecting the rural character of the Red Hills region has been Tall Timbers’ ability to demonstrate that these rural lands pay more than their fair share to support local services and infrastructure while also providing vital ecosystem services such as clean abundant water, fresh air, and wildlife habitat.

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Late Summer Land Management Recommendations

These are recommended land management practices provided by our research and land management staff to consider implementing during the months listed. Also included are brief natural history notes on some more notable natural happenings that you may see occurring in that month.

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Burning hardwood resproutsFire frequency and hardwood re-sprouting

One of the primary goals of prescribed burning in southern pine forests is killing the above-ground portion of hardwoods such as oaks and hickories ("top killing") to promote the growth and survival of pine and herb species. These hardwood species typically re-sprout after being top-killed, which requires them to be burned again soon after.

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