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Winter 2016 | Vol 9 | No 1   


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Winter weather impacts hunt success, covey movement, and bobwhite survival

Quail and chicks in weedsNovember and December were uncharacteristically hot in the Red Hills and Albany areas. We experienced several warm fronts followed by high winds, which resulted in “jumpy” or “edgy” birds on top of not-so-great scenting conditions.

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Conservation Incentive Program Luncheon

Planted longleaf pinesTall Timbers is partnering with state offices in Georgia and Florida to host two landowner incentive luncheons in March. Georgia landowners/managers are invited to join us on March 4, and Florida landowners/managers on March 11. Both luncheons will be held at Tall Timbers in the Komarek Science Education Center (Barn) and start at 10 a.m., and conclude after presentations, questions and lunch at 1 p.m.

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Disking effects on native groundcover plant species

Partridge peaIt is widely known that soil disturbance, such as disking, roller chopping, and deep rutting, reduces wiregrass (Aristida stricta), and that this species is typically slow to come back in such disturbed areas. What is less well known is how it effects the other hundreds of species that make up native upland longleaf pine-wiregrass communities.

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Victory for Land Conservation – Federal Tax Incentives Made Permanent

Hailed as the most significant conservation legislation in 20 years, the enhanced Federal tax incentives for conservation easement donations are now permanent! After bipartisan support in Congress, President Obama signed legislation in December that:

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