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Vol. 3 | No. 4 | Aug/Sept 2010   


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What you get when you contribute to Tall Timbers

By Lane Green, Executive Director

Lane GreenWhen you contribute to Tall Timbers you are helping support a 50+ year old local institution with a global reputation for its pioneering research studies in the use of fire for managing our precious natural resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We are simply mimicking a natural process. Frequent fire is as natural, and as important to healthy upland ecosystems as sunshine, rain and wind. Our founder, Herbert Stoddard wrote a lot in 1931, about the importance of establishing a biological field station to study the long term effects of fire on plants and animals. Tall Timbers is his dream come true!  Today, we continue these studies as we are moving ahead with cutting-edge research on fire and its impact on carbon storage in trees, understory and soils, and what we have learned is  that frequent prescribed fires help store more carbon! The beat goes on – on fire research!

Your dollars also support our wildlife research programs that study everything from game birds to endangered species teasing apart factors that limit populations. We focus on habitat as the key element for sustaining creatures great and small. As we lose more and more wildlife habitat we must become better managers and stewards of the resources required to maintain wildlife populations. When you contribute one dollar to Tall Timbers, our scientists are masters at turning that dollar into two, three or even four dollars by leveraging your gift as an incentive or match for encouraging granting agencies from all levels of government and private foundations to award research grants and contracts to Tall Timbers. Without your annual support, this would not be possible.

Your donations also go to support the most successful land conservation program in the Southeast according to a recent survey by the Land Trust Alliance. We hold permanent conservation easements on more than 114,000 acres in the greater Red Hills Region. We only accept donated easements where the landowner receives tax benefits on the state and federal levels as a result of their gifts of easements to Tall Timbers. Our Land Conservancy was one of the first in Florida and Georgia to receive Accreditation which demonstrates to our supporters and the public that we are committed to national standards of excellence, earning the public’s trust and ensuring that our conservation efforts are permanent. Without your support, this would not be possible!

If you read our recent Annual Report, you will see that we spend only 6% of every dollar contributed managing our organization. Your annual support contributes about one third of our total annual operating revenue with another one-third coming from grants and projects and the final third from our Tall Timbers Foundation endowment funds and Mr. Beadel’s (our land benefactor)  trust fund set up at our founding in 1958.

The mission of Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy is to foster exemplary land stewardship through research, conservation and education.