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Winter 2015 | Vol 8 | No 1   


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The Webster Art Gallery

Webster Art Gallery plaque

Tall Timbers is proud to announce the official opening of the Webster Art Gallery in the historic Beadel House. The second floor gallery exhibits watercolors from the Tallahassee Area Watercolor Society (TAWS) three times each year. Henry Beadel, who bequeathed his property to establish Tall Timbers Research Station, was not only a conservationist but he was also a watercolorist, so this venue is a good match for the use of this space in his former home.

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Legislation Supporting Land Conservation Moves to U.S. Senate

Dixie barnTall Timbers applauds the U.S. House of Representatives, which voted to pass the America Gives More Act of 2015 (H.R. 644). The bill, which contained a key incentive for land conservation, passed on February 12 by 279-137, reflecting 67% support. The bipartisan bill was supported by Red Hill’s area congressional representatives Gwen Graham (D-FL-Dist. 2), Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (D-GA-Dist.2), and Austin Scott (R-GA-Dist.8).

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Surviving the Odds

Banded Bob Over the past 47 years the Game Bird Program has been capturing, banding and releasing wild quail which marks the longest running band-recapture study of any game bird in the world. Since 1968 more than 28,000 quail birds have been leg-banded. From that dataset we have observed that, on average, annual survival for a population of quail is about 20% in good habitat or that approximately 80% of the population dies each year. Here in the Game Bird Lab, year after year and week after week we pick up radio-tags that once were fitted to a live bobwhite which is a persistent reminder that quail are simply good at dying. I recently heard it put this way, “On average a one year old quail has been dead for quite some time.” Indeed, only a small proportion of quail make it to 1-year of age even amidst high-quality habitat.  But last month we discovered that some quail can and do beat the odds.

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Basking Behavior of Juvenile Gopher Tortoises

Gopher Tortoise HatchlingThe lives of young animals are often shrouded in secret. Young animals rarely call attention to themselves and frequently are difficult to see simply because they are much smaller than adults. For many species, it’s a time in life to stay low, out of sight of predators, and simply try to get by until such time as you’re ready to act more like an adult.

Tom Radzio, a Ph.D. candidate at Drexel University, has been unearthing the rich, dark secrets of juvenile living for one of the most charismatic reptiles found in our pinewoods:  the deep-digging Gopher Tortoise.

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