Resource Management Outreach Activities

National Wild Turkey’s Wheelin Sportsman event
National Wild Turkey’s Wheelin Sportsman event

Wheelin’ Sportsman

Tall Timbers has teamed up with the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Wheelin’ Sportsman Program since 2002, to coordinate deer hunts for disabled hunters – three hunts for 16-18 hunters each year. Our plans are to continue, improve, and expand this program in the future.

Youth Hunting Field Day

Since 2005, Tall Timbers has partnered with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Big Bend Youth Outdoor Foundation to host Youth Hunting Field Day. This free, half-day event for interested kids of all ages and their parents is held at Tall Timbers each fall. For more information on the Youth Hunting Field Day, call Renee Hayes or Kelly Langston at 850-413-0084.

Youth hunting field day — primitive weapons demonstration.
Youth hunting field day — primitive weapons demonstration.

Volunteer Field Projects

  • Survey newly burned areas for tortoise burrows, GPS the location, measure burrow width, and categorize level of activity (March – May).
  • Take habitat measurements around gopher tortoise burrows (May-August)
  • Monitor wood duck nest boxes to determine nest success (February-July).

Boy Scouts of America Opportunities

We have had six Eagle Scout projects at Tall Timbers in the past five years.

Potential projects include but are not limited to:

  • Gopher tortoise burrow search and map (April-May)
  • Build and erect wood duck boxes on Tall Timbers.
  • Build Observation deck along birding trail
  • Build and erect fox squirrel nest boxes on Tall Timbers

Gopher tortoise habitat sampling.
Gopher tortoise habitat sampling.


Blue bird nest box
Blue bird nest box.
Wood duck nest box
Wood duck nest box.