Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Outreach and Education

Academic Affiliations

The Fire Ecology Program is closely affiliated with Universities through adjunct faculty appointments and research collaborations. Dr. Robertson advises graduate students and mentors undergraduate interns, providing students the opportunity to conduct fire-related research on Tall Timbers and associated properties under his advisorship.

Adjunct and Courtesy Faculty Appointments:

Public Outreach and Education

Requests for Information – The Fire Ecology Program provides information to the public on request regarding prescribed burning and related research and land management topics. Those with a Tall Timbers membership may request site visits for land management advice.

Media – The Fire Ecology Program receives regular requests for interviews from newspaper, television, and radio media outlets on topics relating to prescribed fire and wildfire. Fire Ecology Program Director Kevin Robertson has been featured on NPR, Fox News, and various documentaries, education videos, and outdoors channels.

Public Service

Federal Government Partnerships – The Fire Ecology Program is a key member in the Southern Fire Exchange consortium funded by the Joint Fire Sciences Program and provides fire ecology training through the National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center (PFTC), and an annual course offered to Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) staff.

Boards and Committees – Fire Ecology Program Director Kevin Robertson has served on steering committees for several scientific conferences, including serving as Chair of the Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference and Co-chair of the Fire Ecology of the Northeast conference hosted by Yale University. He has served on the Florida Governor’s Climate Change Action Team Technical Working Group on Agriculture, Forestry, and Waste Management and the North American Carbon Program Carbon Cycle Working Group. He is a Steering Committee Member of the Southern Fire Exchange consortium.

Prescribed Fire Advocacy

Prescribed Fire Councils – Prescribed Fire Councils – Fire Ecologist Kevin Robertson assist with leadership of the North Florida Prescribed Fire Council and Georgia Prescribed Fire Council, which belong to the Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils. These Councils, composed of both private citizens and government employees, play a key role in advocating prescribed burning as a safe way to apply a natural process to maintain ecosystem health and reduce wildfire risk.

Government Policy – The Fire Ecology Program remains engaged with agencies that may influence the ability to use prescribed fire as a management tool. Fire Ecologist Kevin Robertson participates in task groups to update prescribed burning rules and laws, provides white papers, editorials, and presentations at public hearings regarding prescribed fire and air quality, and participates in various workshops charting the future of prescribed fire in the southern U.S.

R.K. Godfrey Herbarium at Tall Timbers Research Station.  Photo by Kevin Robertson

R.K. Godfrey Herbarium at Tall Timbers Research Station.
Photo by Kevin Robertson

Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium

Fire Ecology Program Director Kevin Robertson is curator of the Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium. Dr. Robertson along with Dr. Gil Nelson and Dr. Austin Mast of Florida State University and Virginia Craig completed a project called Imaging the Tall Timbers’ Biological Collections funded by the National Science Foundation to provide high resolution images of all the herbarium’s specimens through the websites of iDigBio and the Florida State University Herbarium, which was also largely collected by Dr. Robert Godfrey and similarly bears his name.