Stoddard Bird Lab Monitoring Programs

Tall Timbers' breeding bird counts
Point count locations on Tall Timbers.

The Stoddard Bird Lab conducts breeding bird counts on Tall Timbers and Arcadia Plantation on an annual basis. The purpose of the counts is to assess population trends for individual species on the respective properties and also look at community-level differences that might attributable to differences in habitat and management practices on the two properties. Tall Timbers is dominated by old field pines while Arcadia Plantation contains large areas of mature longleaf pine and native ground cover.

In response to a request from land managers, our lab also developed a simple monitoring program for Brown-headed Nuthatch and Bachman’s Sparrow that can be used by biologists with little previous training or experience. The procedures are based on playback vocalizations that increase detection probabilities and make use of presence/absence data as a surrogate for abundance.