William E. Palmer
President/CEO and Director of Research

Bill Palmer

Office: 148 Wade Research Center
Address: 13093 Henry Beadel Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312
Phone: (850) 893-4153, ext. 226
Fax: (850) 668-7781
Email: Email Bill Palmer

Ph.D. Zoology, 1995 North Carolina State University
M.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, 1990, Mississippi State University
B.S.  Wildlife Ecology, 1987, Virginia Tech

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
I conduct a broad range of collaborative research including basic research on bobwhite reproductive strategies, predator-prey dynamics, and chick foraging ecology. I am most interested in long-term dynamics of northern bobwhite populations and the factors that explain population changes in the Southeastern U.S. Applied studies include the influence of prescribed fire, supplemental feeding, and predation management on bobwhite demographics and hunting success.

Wildlife Conservation Planning:
I have developed a cooperative project among multiple agency and university partners to restore grassland habitats on 100,000 acres on public lands in Florida through the use of frequent prescribed fire and good forest management techniques. I am also working with the Southeast Quail Study Group to revise the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative.

Personal Interests:
I am passionate about bird hunting, bird dogs, and fly fishing for inshore saltwater fish. I have a kennel of bird dogs and breed a line of working English cocker spaniels.