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Help Support the 35th Anniversary Census of the Wade Tract

Morning at the Wade Tract Preserve


Morning at the Wade Tract Preserve

Tall Timbers Research Station needs your help in supporting a critically important survey of a true national treasure.

The Wade Tract in southwest Georgia is listed as a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service. National Landmarks are sites that illustrate America’s outstanding natural heritage, and the Wade Tract received this designation because it is considered the best remaining example of an old-growth longleaf pine forest. Many trees on the tract are over 400-years old, and noted conservationists E.O. Wilson declared the site “…a national treasure…” in his letter supporting the site’s designation as a national landmark.

In 1978, Dr. William Platt, an ecologist at Louisiana State University, initiated a long-term study of this forest by staking out a 130-acre plot within the tract. He and his colleagues proceeded to map and measure every single tree within the plot – over 20,000 individuals when finished.

The survey has been repeated every 3-4 years since 1978 and provides invaluable information on the dynamics of this unique forest. A few old giants succumb each year to storms and lightning only to be replaced by hundreds of young seedlings. The subtle changes in forest structure will play out over scores of years, but the process is monitored in a unique fashion thanks to the tremendous dedication of Platt and his colleagues.

Help Fund the 35th Anniversary Census

The 35th anniversary census is scheduled for the close of 2013 and early 2014. Here’s your opportunity to help support a unique research project focused on a unique natural area. If you value the sweat and energy of dedicated professionals collecting information on one of North America’s rarest forest gems, please consider giving at one of the levels described below. No contribution is too small (nor too large), and it is sure to make all the hard work seem that much more meaningful.

Although the original longleaf landscape is practically gone, the Wade Tract provides us with a unique window onto one of our nation’s richest forest systems. In addition to being the only longleaf forest recognized as a national landmark, the Wade Tract also is the only old-growth tract that is (1) protected in perpetuity, (2) dedicated to long-term research, and (3) managed with the appropriate use of prescribed fire. Please help us complete the 35th anniversary survey by choosing your preferred sponsorship level:


Contributions are tax deductible, and all contributors receive a special commemorative essay describing the history of the Wade Tract.

Sponsorship Level
Entire survey (130 acres)
20 acres
10 acres
5 acres
2 acres
1 acre
.5 acres
20 trees


Groups and individuals providing the support needed to survey 2-5 acres also receive a color picture of the tract taken from the nesting cavity of a Red-cockaded Woodpecker, one of the many endangered species studied on the tract.

Groups and individuals contributing funds needed to survey 10+ acres receive all the above and a copy (hardback) of the 50-year history of Tall Timbers Research Station.

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