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The Red Hills Region is a 300,000-acre area located between Thomasville, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida. Known for its rolling hills and red clay soils, the region is rich in biological diversity, historic resources, and scenic beauty. Often called the land between two rivers, the Red Hills Region is nestled between the scenic Ochlockonee and Aucilla Rivers. The region serves as a lifeline between coastal and northern wildlands. Natural, historical, and cultural wonders abound throughout the Red Hills.

What’s New

Sound of Fire

Have you ever wondered what makes all of the different kinds of popping, hissing, and whirring on a fire? Tall Timbers is supporting research by USDA Forest Service scientist, Dr. Kara Yedinak to understand the sound of fire.  https://youtu.be/alKjARvoEA8

Dr. Yedinak is deploying a variety of instruments to document the frequencies within and well-beyond audible ranges, and she is working to relate them to the combustion characteristics of the fire and fuels that produce them. The applications of this research range from remote characterization of large fire behavior using infrasound to finer-scale quantification of fire effects measured through sound.

A New Economic Impact Report  Published

The Economic Impact of the Red Hills Region’s Quail Hunting Lands explains the vital role quail lands play in rural economies in north Florida and southwest Georgia.  To review the new report, click here.

Red-cockaded Woodpecker Banding Event

May 4, 2019 at Tall Timbers

The imperiled Red-cockaded Woodpecker will be nesting soon. Nestling woodpeckers are banded each year to help monitor populations, and Tall Timbers will host a special nestling banding event on the first Saturday in May. Learn more about this imperiled species, and watch biologists with the Stoddard Bird Lab scale trees and extract and band young woodpeckers. The event starts at 10 AM and will wrap up around noon. Meet in the Wade Center parking lot at Tall Timbers (https://talltimbers.org/location-map/) to take a wagon ride to the banding site. Reservations are required; the trip is limited to 25 participants. Email Jim Cox to reserve your spot.