Donated Shotgun Added to Beadel House Gun Rack

Oct 4, 2022

Pleas Strickland, a current volunteer at Tall Timbers, presented this shotgun to Tall Timbers so that it can be displayed with other guns that formerly belonged to Henry Beadel, who was the owner of Tall Timbers when it was a private hunting property. Pleas is the grandson of T.P. Strickland, who was manager for both Edward Beadel and Henry L. Beadel.

Beadel House living room in 1937; Henry Beadel’s guns are displayed in the gun rack.

Having original guns in the gun rack, which is located in the Beadel living room, helps to recapture the atmosphere of what life was like on hunting properties in the 1930s. The double barrel shotgun was manufactured by T.L. Golcher. Henry Beadel gave the gun to Horace E. Strickland in about 1940. In 1948, he gave the gun to his son, T.P. Strickland III (our donor). Pleas used the gun as a teenager. Later there were concerns about the safety of the Damascus barrels; as a result, the original barrels were replaced with modern steel barrels.

Pleas has been a dedicated volunteer since his retirement from the Florida Department of Agriculture about a decade ago. Visitors always love to hear him reminisce about his time at Tall Timbers as a child. We are grateful for his service, and very appreciative that he decided to donate this wonderful artifact to be included in the Beadel House gun rack.

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Rose Rodriguez
Rose Rodriguez is the Publications Coordinator at Tall Timbers. She writes, edits, and designs information for print and digital publications
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