BirdQuest is coming!

On December 4, staff with the Stoddard Bird Lab will rise before dawn and attempt to see as many different species of birds as possible on Tall Timbers. By sunset, we hope to have 90 species on the list. Your pledge for the number of species seen will help us build a Motus tracking system to monitor bird migration in the region. In addition to providing data on species that have been fitted with a small Motus tag elsewhere in North America, we will be tagging species that move into our area in winter, to see where their northern breeding grounds might be and how quickly they get there.

We’ve had one of the best years ever in terms of the research accomplished, reports published, and new projects launched. All of this is made possible through the generous donations that you and many others provide. Help keep the great work going by making a pledge to BirdQuest today.

Motus Towers along the Gulf coast

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