Conservation Easement Donors Honored at Red Hills Spring Dinner

The program for the Red Hill Spring Dinner, held April 7 at Tall Timbers, included honoring the six families who donated conservation easements to Tall Timbers in 2015 and 2016. In Florida, Jan Blue and Guy Anglin donated an easement for their outstanding aquatic property in Jackson County, and Steve Rumbley donated an easement buffering the Talquin State Forest. In Thomas County, Georgia, Jerry and Marta Turner donated an easement along Oquina Creek, and Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson and Howell Ferguson donated an easement on a portion of Box Hall Plantation. Finally, the Vicki Lynn Land Company and Karen and Robert Nunnally each donated easements for their holdings along key watersheds in central Georgia.

Easement Donors          Easement Donors

Above, Jan Blue and Guy Anglin are honored by Tall Timbers Conservation Biologist Kim Sash for their conservation easement donation. At right, Jerry and Marta Turner donated a conservation easement for Gentian Creek Preserve in Thomas County. Working with the Turners was Tall Timbers Conservation Coordinator Shane Wellendorf. Photos by Rose Rodriguez

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