Wildland Fire Science Program

Research for Fire We Use

Wildland fire research in an interdisciplinary field of science that studies wildfire and prescribed fire combustion, spread, and fire effects. The program at Tall Timbers is dedicated to integrating research into management applications.

Prescribed Fire Science is the core focus of our program with the goal of facilitating its safe and effective use by advancing our knowledge of interacting fire lines, fire-atmospheric feedback driving smoke transport, and a mechanistic understanding of fire effects. These key topics will improve tools to address management constraints now and in the future.

Prescribed Fire Science Consortium

Fire Ecologists
Through the recently created Prescribed Fire Science Consortium (RxScience), Tall Timbers, the US Forest Service, managers, and researchers from across the country have teamed up to focus on the pressing needs of prescribed fire science. This group intends to address the problems of predicting fire behavior of ignition patterns, resulting smoke transport, and fire effects – collaboratively. The consortium research uses a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate how variation in fuels and fire behavior governed by the fluid dynamics associated with wildland fire, result in fire effects and smoke transport. Leveraging tools like LiDAR, infra-red imagery, and GIS, we are working to perform cutting edge fire research and create next generation models and tools to bring prescribed fire into the twenty-first century.