Game Bird Program

Our goal is to sustain and expand high-density wild bobwhite populations in the Red Hills and Albany regions, and restore populations in targeted core areas across the Southeast.

The hallmark of the Game Bird Program is long-term research with historical roots dating back to Herbert L. Stoddard’s seminal work on Northern Bobwhite and prescribed fire.

Our close working relationship with hunting properties keeps our work grounded in practical science. Landowners and managers are the source for research questions and the audience for our research results.

Where Science Meets Management

Game Bird Lead Staff


Alex Jackson – Red Hills Game Bird Research and Extension Biologist
Brad Kubecka, PhD – Western Game Bird Program Director & Scientist
Clay Sisson – Albany Quail Project & Livingston Place Research Director
Geoff Beane – Central Florida Rangeland Quail Program Director
Paul Grimes – Carolina Regional Quail Program Director
Mark Sasser – Alabama Quail Program Coordinator

More than 1,000 radio-tags are deployed annually by the Game Bird Program