Game Bird Program

Regional Programs

Large-scale success requires regionally-focused management

The Game Bird Program answers calls and visits properties throughout the range of bobwhite with a concentrated effort remaining largely in regions where research is or has been conducted. This ensures that science-based management advice is regionally-specific, fostering the greatest opportunity for success.

A goal of regional projects is to work directly with private landowners, providing guidance on habitat management as well as coordinate monitoring of spring and fall bobwhite abundance, meso-mammal nest predator context, hawk numbers, and hunting success. Over time these indices provide information on regional pulses and what drives quail populations in the region.

Regional biologists also provide landowners and managers assistance in the renovation of existing quail properties as well as the creation of new ones.  Over the last decade nearly 70,000 acres of new wild quail properties were created and an additional 45,000 acres converted from pen-raised birds back to wild birds. A hefty goal of adding 150,000 acres of wild quail lands back on the landscape was established in our 10-year strategic plan.

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Our quail research and management efforts began in the Red Hills and Albany regions of Southwest Georgia and North Florida. In recent years we have expanded to include regional quail programs throughout the Southeast.  Learn more about our regional programs at the following links.

Alabama Quail Program

Albany Quail Project

Carolina Regional Quail Program

Central Florida Rangeland Quail Program

Western Pineywoods Quail Program