Game Bird Program

Outreach & Education


The Game Bird Program hires interns throughout the year to assist with on-going research projects both for the lab and graduate students. Please see the Internships page for the last internship opportunities.

Outreach & Extension

Fall Field Days and Seminars – We host an annual fall field day event at various plantations in the Red Hills, Albany and Carolina regions. Field day participants receive an overview of management practices unique to the host property, an update on the current season’s quail hatch, learn about latest bobwhite research, and experience a guided field tour.

Our Game Bird seminar is a technical series hosted once every 5 or 10 years to disseminate management information learned from research over the previous decade with a formal presentations and a field tour.

Land Managers Luncheons – we hold 2 – 3 short, half-day events per year that offer land managers, landowners, and biologists detailed information on a specific topic (e.g., managing non-native plants or GIS mapping or hog control).

Site Visitation – As a service to our members, we conduct site visitations on privately owned properties to provide science-based advice for managing bobwhite. Depending on the level of need and commitment to the Game Bird Program we also offer detailed management plans, population monitoring and analysis, and training. Contact us for more details.

Quail Call Newsletter – We distribute an annual newsletter, electronic and hard-copy, to all members and Game Bird Program supporters. The newsletter details program highlights, research updates, factoids and findings fresh from the field, and management recommendations gleaned from the completion of recent research. Click here to subscribe to the annual Quail Call newsletter.

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