Game Bird Seminar and Fall Field Day held at Tall Timbers November 1 and 2

The Game Bird Seminar was held Thursday, Nov. 1, and marked 10 years since the last seminar in 2008. The following day, Nov. 2, was Tall Timbers’ popular Fall Field Day, and also marked 10 years since a field day was hosted at Tall Timbers. Unfortunately, like 10 years ago, the weather was wet and windy during most of the field day talks under the tent, and the wagon tour planned for the afternoon had to be cancelled.


Game Bird Seminar

In the spirit of past seminars, we had an invited Stoddard Game Bird Lecturer, Dr. Brad Dabbert from the Quail Tech Alliance and Texas Tech University to open the presentations. He shared some of the great research he is conducting in Texas. Another Texan, John McLaughlin from Texas Game and Fish discussed “Weather Impacts on Bobwhite Chick Survival.”

Brad Dabbert

Dr. Brad Dabbert, the Stoddard Game Bird Lecturer, was the first presenter.

The seminar was organized into two sessions by similar topic: Northern Bobwhite Demographics and Hunting Success, and Current Hot Topics & Chick Ecology.

Session 1 topics:

  • Efficacy of the Predator Index to Evaluate Predator Level Impacts on Bobwhite Demographics

  • Impact of Predation Management on Bobwhite Demographics and Populations

  • Predation Management Increases Bobwhite Harvest Opportunities

  • Industry Standard for Predation Management on Private Hunting Plantations in the Southeast

Session 2 topics:

  • Foraging Behavior of Bobwhite Coveys in Relation to Hunting Pressure

  • Vegetation and Predator Interactions Affect Northern Bobwhite Behavior

  • Grid-blocking Impacts on Hunt Success and Quail Demographics

  • Factors Influencing Covey Detection and Bobwhite Hunt Success

  • Red-imported Fire Ants and Bobwhites in Georgia and Florida

  • Weather Impacts on Bobwhite Chick Survival

GB Seminar-attendees
GB Seminar-attendees 2

Seminar attendees

Under the Tent

Attendess listen to presentations under the tent.

Fall Field Day

Bill Palmer
Those in attendance were welcomed to Tall Timbers by Bill Palmer, Tall Timbers’ President/CEO. The much anticipated hatch report was given by Theron Terhune, Tall Timbers’ Game Bird Program Director and Clay Sisson, the Director of the Albany Quail Project and research at Dixie Plantation.

The theme for the presentations under the tent was Long-term Sustainability of the Red Hills and Bobwhite Population Recovery. The following were the topics presented. A panel discussion followed these presentations.

  • Longleaf Legacy Landscape: Tall Timbers’ Strategy for Putting Fire on the Back Forty, presented by Bill Palmer, PhD

  • Managing Native Ground and Wiregrass Communities for Bobwhite, presented by Robbie Green, Plantations Manager, Millcreek Holdings, LLP

  • Contribution of the Red Hills & Albany Areas to Bobwhite Population Recovery,presented by Clay Sisson

  • Translocation Success Stories and the Future of Translocation, presented by Theron Terhune


FFD - under tent

Fall Field Day attendees listen to a presentation.

Robbie Green

FFD - under tent 2

At left, Robbie Green, Plantation Manager for Millcreek Holdings. At right, attendees under the tent.


Thanks to these sponsors and the many others who made the 2018 Game Bird Seminar and Fall Field Day possible:

Anonymous Gift in honor of Robbie Green

American Wildlife Enterprises

Mr. & Mrs. Chas H. Cannon

Central States Enterprises

Jon Kohler & Associates<strong

Perdix Wildlife

Quail Forever

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