Getting started on the right foot!

By Dr. Theron M. Terhune, Outreach Coordinator

WOW… WOW… WOW.  I have said it so many times now that I can spell it backwards!! I am so impressed by the level of support we have had in building the endowment, especially during such an economically challenging time. The success of the endowment campaign is especially meaningful to me as it has forged the way for the creation of the Outreach Program. This, in turn, spawned the development of the Outreach/Education Coordinator position in October 2011, and further championed procurement of additional committed funds for the next three years. Once our final endowment goal is reached, the Outreach Program will be solidified more long-term, but in the meantime the exceptional level of support already garnered has definitely allowed the Outreach Program to get started on the right foot.

Over the past several months, I have been so blessed to be welcomed with open arms by many of you in the Red Hills community. I have already had a chance to meet several private landowners and land managers, and to visit many properties, when I have discussed various topics: quail, prescribed burning, longleaf pine establishment and maintenance, and general habitat management. Additionally, we have participated in numerous educational activities, such as hosting GIS Workshops for natural resource professionals and land managers, coordinating and leading birding tours for visiting college students, hosting local high school groups preparing for the Envirothon competition, and teaching prescribed burning techniques on multiple occasions. We hope to continue seeking opportunities to engage and interact with the Red Hills community, Tall Timbers members, and conservation partners. One opportunity is this June when we will host the First Annual Land Manager's Luncheon  — hope to see you there!

Thanks for supporting the Tall Timbers Outreach Program and all you do for conservation!!

Theron Terhune teaching prescribed burning

Theron Terhune teaching prescribed burning techniques to a Leadership Tallahassee team in March 2012. Photo by Rose Rodriguez

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