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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I get a burn authorization or permit?

In Florida call your local Division of Forestry office to get a burning authorization.

In Georgia, call the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) to obtain a Burn Permit by Phone: 1-877-OK2-BURN (652-2876) or visit their web site. Landowners seeking permission to burn forest lands, agricultural space, or debris piles larger than 6 feet by 6 feet should call their local county unit of the GFC. An on-line burn permit system is also available at

Where do I learn about Fire Weather and forecast?

NOAA’s National Weather Service provides daily fire weather forecasts.

The Florida Forest Service has Fire Weather and Forecast information on their website.

You can also get a fire weather forecast on the website of the local CBS affiliate, WCTV.

Land Management FAQs


When should I check and disk fire lanes and prepare any other fireguards for prescribed burns?

This should be done in January before you start your prescribe burns.

What are the best months to conduct prescribed burns?

Depends upon your objective. February thru June for general wildlife management purposes, but there are cases when you need to burn later in the growing season for native ground cover and ecological restoration.

When should I plant longleaf seedlings?

The best time to plant longleaf seedlings is January – February or November – December (providing moisture is sufficient).

When should I disk fields for quail friendly plants and brood habitats?

This should be started in January and completed in February.

When should I begin timber stand thinning, harvesting and/or hardwood removal?

March and finished by mid to late June.

When should I plant my dove fields or duck ponds?

April or May

How often should I spread supplemental feed?

Every 2-3 weeks year round.

When should nest predator management begin?

This should begin in March and continue through August if needed.

What percentage of burned to unburned area should remain in bobwhite habitat?

Depending on habitat type, ground cover, weather and other variables, 40-60% of your uplands should be burning annually.

Land Conservation Questions


What is the Red Hills region?

To learn about the Red Hills region, Click here.

What is a conservation easement?

To learn about conservation easements visit the Tall Timbers Land Conservancy section.

What are the financial incentives for donating conservation easements?

To learn about Federal income tax and estate tax benefits, Click here.