Central Alabama Prescribed Burn Association

The purpose of the Central Alabama Prescribed Burn Association (CAPBA) is to promote the common good and general welfare of the people in Central Alabama through education, training, and practice of safe prescribed burn techniques.

We are a neighbor helping neighbor educational organization. We learn and train to apply fire to the landscape for public safety, ecological restoration, and habitat improvement. We are not an organization that performs prescribed burning for the general public. Our members assist other members with prescribed fire.

Our goals are to teach competence in conducting all burns safely, provide an economical method for small acreage landowners to have prescribed burning as a tool to meet their goals and objectives, and provide public awareness of the benefits of prescribed burning. Startup funding is provided by NRCS Working Lands for Wildlife and partial funding is through National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Our membership fee is $100 for three years and we are currently working in 25 counties within Central Alabama.  We also have opportunities for corporate sponsorship and are looking for partners to further enable us to complete our mission of applying safe prescribed fire throughout the great state of Alabama.

To get involved contact Lee Stuckey at 910-548-8864 or lstuckey@talltimbers.org

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