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Tall Timbers Staff Contacts



William E. Palmer, PhD, President/CEO – ext. 226 or email
Lorrie  Asbell, Executive Assistant – ext. 241 or email
Carisa Miller, Receptionist, ext. 228 or email


Melissa Proctor, Controller, Chief Financial Officer ext. 248 or email
Bonita Ashton, Assistant Controller/Bookkeeper ext. 246 or email
Rosi Nichols, Payroll Accountant, email
Deanna Beck, Accounts Payable & Purchasing Specialist ext. 245 or email
Rebekah Church, Sr. Grants Manager ext. 225 or email


Brian Wiebler, Communications Director ext. 345 or email
Karl Etters, Communications Coordinator – ext. 342 or email
Rose Rodriguez, Publications Coordinator – ext. 258 or email
Juanita Whiddon, Historical Resources Coordinator – ext. 236 or email


Crystal Davis Rice, Development Director – ext. 343 or email
Tori Crawford, Development Coordinator, ext. 249 or email


Lorrie  Asbell, Facilities Director – ext. 241 or email
Jerome Golden, Facilities – ext. 233 or email

Geospatial Lab & Information Technology

Joe Noble, GIS/Information Technology Program Director – ext. 232 or email
Holly Nowell, PhD, Project Research Scientist – email
Karen Cummins, Geospatial Database Administrator – email
Chris Matechik, Remote Sensing Analyst
Raina Monaghan, Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technology Specialist
Kurt Haffner, IT Systems Manager – email
Darren Kopacz, IT Systems Coordinator – ext. 247 or email

Land Conservancy

Shane Wellendorf, Tall Timbers Land Conservancy Director – ext. 231 or email
Neil A. Fleckenstein, Planning Coordinator – ext. 335 or email
Holly Guthrie, Land Conservancy Office Manager- ext. 361 or email
Tyler Macmillan, Conservation Program Liaison – email
Kim Lynn Nguyen, Conservation Biologist – email
Josh Webb, Conservation Stewardship Coordinator – email
Nelson Ball, RCPP Field Biologist – email


J. Morgan Varner, PhD, Director of Research – ext. 224 or email
Nicole Zampieri, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Research
Scientist – email
Matthew Nolasco, Lidar Analyst – email

Fire Ecology

Kevin M. Robertson, PhD, Director, Fire Ecology Program – ext. 254 or email
Cinnamon Dixon, Fire Ecologist – ext. 243 or email
Jean Huffman, PhD, Research Associate, Dendrochronology – email
Mary Nell Armstrong, Fire Ecology Outreach Specialist – email

Fire Science Applications

Seth Bigelow, PhD, Senior Research Ecologist – email
Leah Eggeman, Fire Science Forester – email
Steve Flanagan, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow – email
Quinn Hiers, Fire Ecology Biologist – email
Vanessa Niemczyk, Field Technician – email
Saphirra Orrion, Administrative Coordinator – email
Wade Ross, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow/Remote Sensor – email
Greg Seamon, Fire Training Specialist, PFTC – email
Robert N. Spencer, Fire Science Lab Technician – email
Derek Wallace, Fire Science Research Assist/Biologist II – email

Game Bird

Alex Jackson, Red Hills Game Bird Research and Extension Biologist – ext. 268 or email
Clay Sisson, Director, Albany Quail Project – email
Brad Kubecka, PhD, Program Director & Western Game Bird Scientist – email
Michael Hazelbaker, Game Bird Research Biologist, Tall Timbers – ext. 237 or  email
Justin Rectenwald, Game Bird Biologist, Albany Quail Project – email
Holly Lott, Game Bird Research Biologist, Livingston Place – email
Paul Grimes, Game Bird Biologist, Carolina Regional Quail Program – email
Mark Sasser, Alabama Quail Program Coordinator – email
Geoff Beane, Research/Prog. Manager, Central FL Rangeland Quail Program (CFRQP) email
Matthew Kunkle, Rollins Ranch Research & Program Manager – email
Amanda Schmidt, Game Bird Research Biologist, CFRQP – email
John Palarski, Biologist, WPQP – email
Sarah Brown, Public Lands Monitoring Coordinator – email

Stoddard Bird Lab

Jim Cox, Stoddard Bird Lab Director – ext. 223 or email
Heather Levy, Stoddard Bird Lab Biologist – email
Rob Meyer, Woodpecker Conservation Biologist – email

Biological Monitoring

Kim Sash, Biological Monitoring Coordinator – ext. 336 or email

Land Management

Eric Staller, Director of Land Management and Fire Operations – ext. 240 or email
Andrew Chase, Assistant Land Manager – email

Livingston Place

Clay Sisson, Director, Livingston Place – email
Randy Floyd, Land Manager, Livingston Place – email
John-Michael McCormick, Asst. Land Manager – email
Holly Lott, Game Bird Biologist – email

Private Lands Prescribed Fire Initiative

John P. McGuire, Director, Private Lands Fire Initiative – email
Steve Wasp, Burn Team Coordinator – email
Zach Prusak, Wildland Fire Training Specialist – email
John S. Kush, PhD, Outreach & Education Coordinator
George Jensen, SW Georgia Prescribed Burn Association Coordinator – email
Lee Stuckey, Central Alabama Prescribed Burn Association Coordinator – email
Jeremy Martin, Northwest Florida Prescribed Burn Association Coordinator – email

Southern Fire Exchange

David R. Godwin, PhD, Director, Southern Fire Exchange ext. 261 or email


Joint Training Academy Instructors
Thomas Anderson

Michael G Durfee
Victa Edge
Troy Floyd
Jimmy Gray
Ray Guse
Tommy Hawkins
Susan Wilder
Robert Wilken

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