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Tall Timbers Staff Contacts



William E. Palmer, PhD, President/CEO – ext. 226 or email
Lorrie  Asbell, Executive Assistant – ext. 241 or email
Carisa Miller, Receptionist, ext. 228 or email


Melissa Proctor, Controller, Chief Financial Officer ext. 248 or email
Bonita Ashton, Assistant Controller/Bookkeeper ext. 246 or email
Rosi Nichols, Payroll Accountant, email
Jodi Conway, Employee Relations Coordinator/HR – ext 264, or email 
Deanna Beck, Accounts Payable & Purchasing Specialist ext. 245 or email
Rebekah Church, Sr. Grants Manager ext. 225 or email


Brian Wiebler, Communications Director ext. 345 or email
Karl Etters, Communications Coordinator email
Rose Rodriguez, Publications Coordinator – ext. 258 or email
Juanita Whiddon, Historical Resources Coordinator – ext. 236 or email


Crystal Davis Rice, Development Director – ext. 343 or email
Tori Crawford, Development Coordinator, ext. 249 or email


Lorrie  Asbell, Facilities Director – ext. 241 or email
Jerome Golden, Facilities – ext. 233 or email

Geospatial Lab & Information Technology

Joe Noble, GIS/Information Technology Program Director – ext. 232 or email
Holly Nowell, PhD, Project Research Scientist – email
Karen Cummins, Geospatial Database Administrator – email
Kurt Haffner, IT Systems Manager – email
Darren Kopacz, IT Systems Coordinator – ext. 247 or email

Land Conservancy

Shane Wellendorf, Tall Timbers Land Conservancy Director – ext. 231 or email
Neil A. Fleckenstein, Planning Coordinator – ext. 335 or email
Peter Kleinhenz, Conservation Coordinator– email
Rebecca Armstrong, RCPP Field Biologist, – email
Tyler Macmillan, Conservation Program Liaison – email
Kim Lynn Nguyen, Conservation Biologist – email
Josh Webb, Conservation Stewardship Coordinator – email

Nelson Ball, RCPP Biological/Forestry Technician – email

Jessica Coker, Program Analyst – ext. 361 or email



J. Morgan Varner, PhD, Director of Research – ext. 224 or email
Timothy Shearman, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow – ext. 239 or email
Matthew Nolasco, Lidar Analyst – email

Fire Ecology

Kevin M. Robertson, PhD, Director, Fire Ecology Program – ext. 254 or email
Cinnamon Dixon, Fire Ecologist – ext. 243 or email
Jean Huffman, PhD, Research Associate, Dendrochronology – email
Mary Nell Armstrong, Fire Ecology Outreach Specialist – email

Fire Science Applications

Seth Bigelow, PhD, Senior Research Ecologist – email
Zach Cope, Applied Fire Modeling Project Manager – email
Leah Eggeman, Fire Science Forester – email
Steve Flanagan, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow – email
Quinn Hiers, Fire Ecology Biologist – email
Vanessa Niemczyk, Field Technician – email
Saphirra Orrion, Administrative Coordinator – email
Zach Prusak, Wildland Fire Specialist – email
Wade Ross, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow/Remote Sensor – email
Greg Seamon, Fire Training Specialist, PFTC – email
Robert N. Spencer, Fire Science Lab Technician – email
Derek Wallace, Fire Science Research Assist/Biologist II – email

Game Bird

Alex Jackson, Red Hills Game Bird Research and Extension Biologist – ext. 268 or email
Clay Sisson, Director, Albany Quail Project – email
Brad Kubecka, PhD, Program Director & Western Game Bird Scientist – email
Michael Hazelbaker, Game Bird Research Biologist, Tall Timbers – ext. 237 or  email
Justin Rectenwald, Game Bird Biologist, Albany Quail Project – email
Paul Grimes, Game Bird Biologist, Carolina Regional Quail Program – email
Mark Sasser, Alabama Quail Program Coordinator – email
Geoff Beane, Research/Program Manager, Central FL Rangeland Quail Program (CFRQP) – email
Matthew Kunkle, Rollins Ranch Research & Program Manager – email
Milton Neu, Assistant Land Manager, CFRQP
John Palarski, Biologist, WPQP – email
Thomas Rogers, Game Bird Technician, Livingston Place – email
Sarah Brown, Public Lands Monitoring Coordinator – email
Billy Adtkins, Wildlife Technician, CFRQP
Christopher Kunkle, Game Bird Technician, CFRQP
William Lutz, Game Bird Technician, CFRQP
Stoney Vickers, Field Technician, CFRQP
Alicia Arsenault, Wildlife Technician, CFRQP
Vernon Howard, Wildlife Technician, CFRQP
Nicole Itzkowitz, Wildlife Technician, CFRQP
Steven Matta, Wildlife Technician, CFRQP
Sierra Sico, Game Bird Research Technician, Orton Plantation
Autumn S. Randall, Field Technician, Orton Plantation
Joshua Copen, Game Bird Technician
Jeremy Fuller, Game Bird Technician
Trey Johnson, Game Bird Technician
Michael Lamb, Game Bird Technician
Amy Penta, Game Bird Technician

Stoddard Bird Lab

Jim Cox, Stoddard Bird Lab Director – ext. 223 or email
Heather Levy, Stoddard Bird Lab Biologist – email
Rob Meyer, Woodpecker Conservation Biologist – email


Biological Monitoring

Kim Sash, Biological Monitoring Coordinator – ext. 336 or email


Land Management

Eric Staller, Director of Land Management and Fire Operations – ext. 240 or email
Andrew Chase, Assistant Land Manager – email

Livingston Place

Clay Sisson, Director, Livingston Place – email
Randy Floyd, Land Manager, Livingston Place – email
John-Michael McCormick, Asst. Land Manager – email
Holly Lott, Game Bird Biologist – email

Private Lands Fire Initiative

John P. McGuire, Director, Private Lands Fire Initiative – email
John S. Kush, PhD, Outreach & Education Coordinator
George Jensen, SW Georgia Prescribed Burn Association Coordinator – email
Lee Stuckey, Central Alabama Prescribed Burn Association Coordinator – email

Joint Training Academy Instructors

Thomas Anderson
Michael G Durfee
Victa Edge
Troy Floyd
Jimmy Gray
Ray Guse
Tommy Hawkins
Susan Wilder
Robert Wilken

Southern Fire Exchange

David R. Godwin, PhD, Director, Southern Fire Exchange ext. 261 or email

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