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Planned Giving and the Tall Timbers Foundation

The Beadel family originally established Tall Timbers as a hunting plantation in 1896. In 1924, Herbert L. Stoddard, Sr. a pioneer in the field of wildlife management began the Cooperative Bobwhite Quail Study here in the Red Hills. Henry Beadel’s involvement, and his belief in Stoddard’s research, convinced him to bequeath his 2800-acre property to be established as a research station in 1958. Sixty years later, Tall Timber has grown to become a nationally and internationally recognized leader in wildlife research, natural resource management and land conservation. However, we would not exist today had it not been for the initial planned gift from the Beadel family estate.

All of us recognize the important financial benefit Tall Timbers enjoys as a result of the Beadel family’s gift. In order to continue the legacy that was started by our founders, Tall Timbers relies on future planned giving from our current constituents.

You can make a planned gift by naming the Tall Timbers Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, charitable trust, life insurance policy or retirement plan. By naming the Foundation as a beneficiary, or making the Foundation a recipient of a special bequest, you will be making a lasting statement about your personal commitment to the important research and conservation efforts of Tall Timbers. Establishing a planned gift to Tall Timbers as part of your overall estate planning strategy will not only enhance the future of Tall Timbers, but also potentially bring you a significant tax benefit. A planned gift is an excellent way to protect the value of your estate as you protect the future of Tall Timbers.

Tall Timbers has created a number of Endowment Funds to help perpetuate the future of individual programs within the organization. Gifts to a Tall Timbers Foundation Endowment Fund represent a long-term commitment to the future of the research and conservation missions of Tall Timbers.

What kind of legacy will you leave?

Tall Timbers is dedicated to providing for the long-term stability and good stewardship of our natural resources in the Red Hills region and beyond. Find out how you can help us leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy. For more information on planned giving and how you can contribute to a Tall Timbers Endowment Fund, contact: Development Director, Crystal D. Rice; Office: 850-893-4153, x343 or Cell: 850.545.2162  | email

Henry and Genevieve Beadel
Henry and Genevieve Beadel having a picnic lunch during a quail hunt on Tall Timbers in 1926.
Henry L. Beadel
Henry L. Beadel in the late 1950s with his motion picture camera mounted gunstock of his own design.
  • Albany Quail  Endowment
  • Chuck Ribelin Brood Ecology Research Fellowship
  • Dr. Clifton J. Bailey Endowment
  • Corbett Fire Endowment
  • Dixie Plantation Endowment
  • General Operating Endowment
  • Gerry Game Bird Endowment
  • Land Conservancy Endowment
  • Red Hills Land Conservation Opportunity Fund
  • Tall Timbers Land Conservancy Stewardship Fund
  • Texas Piney Woods Quail Endowment
  • Wade Tract Endowment
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