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Program-Specific Giving

Charitable gifts dedicated to a specific purpose

In addition to annual membership contributions, Tall Timbers allows our donors to make program specific gifts that allow you the opportunity to give to a specific research or conservation program that has particular interest to you and your family. We hope that you will consider making a designated gift to one of the following operating funds of Tall Timbers. No gift is too small and contributions earmarked for specific departments will be used solely for that purpose.

Quail Research and Management

Tall Timbers Quail Research (Pamela H. Firman Red Hills Quail Management Research Fund): Tall Timbers has an award-winning quail management research program that produces proven management methods. Contributions to the Pamela H. Firman Quail Management Research Fund support our long-term research, which has studied over 15,000 radio-tagged quail and helped increase quail numbers on hundreds of thousands of acres. Your gift will be used exclusively for the Game Bird Program to continue its long-term work at Tall Timbers.

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Quail Management
Research Fund

Albany Quail Project: The Albany Quail Project has conducted long-term research on private lands in the Albany, Georgia region since 1992. Under the direction of Clay Sisson, the Albany Quail Project seeks to shed new light on how we might manage for better quail habitat in the Albany region of southwest Georgia. All contributions made to the project will remain in the Albany area and will be dedicated specifically to our work there.
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Albany Quail Project

Carolina Regional Quail Program: The Carolina Regional Quail Program (CRQP) has been established to deliver science-based technical guidance to landowners and other conservation partners in South Carolina and North Carolina.

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The Western Pineywoods Quail Program (WPQP) was launched in 2021 with support from dedicated quail hunters, Tall Timbers, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the Park Cities Quail Coalition. The Pineywoods region once supported vibrant wild bobwhite populations, but has attracted very little research or management attention to restore the species for several decades. Tall Timbers has initiated $4 million endowment campaign to secure the Pineywoods program positions in perpetuity, ensuring this region will always have a core of bobwhite research and stakeholder guidance.

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Fire Science

Fire Ecology Research Program: The goal of the Fire Ecology Program is to provide the public with applicable, science-based information on prescribed fire and vegetation dynamics in the southern pine ecosystem. Research is focused on the Red Hills Region, roughly located between Tallahassee, Florida and Thomasville, Georgia and between the Ochlocknee and Aucilla River drainages. Contributions made directly to the Fire Ecology program at Tall Timbers will be used to help supplement the program with internships, supplies and capital needs.
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Fire Ecology
Research Program
Wildland Fire Science Program: The Wildland Fire Science Program is focused on prescribed fire science; the interface of fire research and prescribed fire application to help enhance tools and techniques to safely apply prescribed fire for management objectives. Tall Timbers is expanding in this area as a complement to its Fire Ecology Program to build larger interdisciplinary research programs that connect combustion science to ecological effects and smoke management. Wildland fire, which includes prescribed fire and wildfire, inherently represents the intersection of ecology, management, physics, fluid dynamics, atmospheric science, and forestry.
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Wildland Fire Science

Wildlife Management

Stoddard Bird Lab: The Stoddard Bird Lab provides data-driven solutions for the problems facing some of our most threatened songbirds and woodpeckers. Your support continues a 50-year tradition of award winning research focused on the bird mortality associated with communication towers, the unique characteristics of rare old-growth pine forests, the conservation of endangered species on private lands, and the overarching benefits of prescribed fire for declining bird populations.
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Stoddard Bird Lab

Land Management

Private Lands Prescribed Burning Project  delivers science-based technical guidance to private landowners in the areas of risk management, prescribed fire planning and implementation, smoke management, and burn prioritization. However, prescribed fire is not an inexpensive endeavor; in order to continue offering our services free of charge, our work requires the support of conservation minded individuals, groups and other partners. Support our efforts!
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Private Lands Prescribed
Burning Project

Conservation Programs

Land Conservancy: The Tall Timbers Land Conservancy is considered one of the premier land trusts in the nation. We conserve working forests, farms, and recreational hunting lands in the Red Hills region of southwest Georgia and north Florida and other areas that further Tall Timbers’ broader mission. Since its inception in 1990, over 130,000 acres have been conserved by conservation easements held by Tall Timbers. These easements protect in perpetuity land that buffers our beautiful rivers and lakes, park-like pine forests, and scenic vistas that distinguish our rural countryside. The public benefits from these easements as they serve to protect the region’s water quality, clean air, wildlife and distinctive canopy roads.
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Tall Timbers Land
Advocacy and Planning: For more than 20 years, Tall Timbers Land Conservancy has played an active role in land use planning, community planning and issue advocacy. We undertake these activities recognizing that we cannot conserve every acre of land in the Red Hills Region. Therefore, we are strong supporters of “smart growth” that is fiscally responsible, enhances local communities and their economies, and protects the natural, scenic, and cultural resources of distinctive rural lands such as the Red Hills.
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Livingston Place

Livingston Place Research and Management

This 9,100-acre property provides Tall Timbers with a unique opportunity for research on a working hunting property. Our objectives at Livingston Place include:

  • Demonstrating management of a high-density bobwhite quail population for hunting and field trials
  • Enhancing the ecological, cultural, and historic values of the property
  • Conducting education in wildlife management, and research that contributes to the mission of Tall Timbers

We are committed to continuing the pointing dog field trial tradition this property is known for. Livingston Place has hosted the Continental Field Trials annually since 1937. Donations will be used to support management of this historic property.

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Livingston Place  
Research and Management

Historic Home Restoration at Livingston Place

The 9,100-acre Livingston Place is located in the heart of the Red Hills. It served as the winter estate of Gerald and Eleanor Livingston. The Livingstons built the property into a highly regarded wild quail hunting preserve, and one of the finest field trial venues in North America. In 1936, the Livingstons commissioned John Russell Pope to build their 14,200-square-foot Neoclassical Revival home deep in the interior of the property. Restoration of this historic structure began shortly after Tall Timbers acquired the property, and much has been accomplished. With the financial support of the State of Florida through three Special Category Grants, matched by community donations and in-kind services, the building will be used to host scientific conferences and community events and to accommodate overnight visiting scholars, students, and other invited guests. Funds, however, are needed for interior furnishings, and for landscaping and pool restoration to complete the restoration.

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Livingston Place
Main House

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