The Passing of Dr. Pamela Hall

Scott and Pam

On Monday, February 22, 2021, longtime friend of Tall Timbers, Dr. Pamela Hall, passed away succumbing to pancreatic cancer. Pam was a passionate, tireless advocate for protecting rural lands, especially the Leon County portion of the Red Hills. Without a doubt, Pam was the most consequential and effective advocate for protecting rural lands, rural character, and natural resources in Leon County in the last 25 years.

Pam worked around the world as a rainforest biologist and university professor while raising two amazing daughters, Maia and Clea, with her husband Scott Hannahs. Scott is a nationally known scientist at the Florida State University High Magnetic Field Laboratory but it’s a sign of Pam’s place in the community that he was often introduced as Pam Hall’s husband, a role he relished.

Several months ago, Tall Timbers staff planted a longleaf pine in Pam’s honor as a small token of our appreciation for her work helping to protect the Red Hills region of Leon County. Pam loved longleaf pines and their vital role in our natural community.  The plaque accompanying the longleaf reads: “A Longleaf for a Long View: This longleaf pine tree was planted in 2020 with deep gratitude for Dr. Pamela Hall’s many contributions to protecting the natural resources and unique character of Leon County’s rural landscape. Pam gave freely of her time, talent, and intellect to ensure the sustainability of the Red Hills region for generations to come. For our friend, Pam.”

For a more detailed look at Pam’s amazing life and contributions protecting Leon County’s natural resources, click here for a Tall Timbers eJournal article from 2018.

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