Fire Ecology Program

Tree-ring Research

In 2016, the Southeastern Coastal Plain Tree-Ring Laboratory was formed as a collaboration between the Fire Ecology Program and Tall Timbers Research Associate Dr. Jean Huffman. We are using tree-ring science, or “dendrochronology,” to learn about historical fire regimes in fire-dependent pine communities of Florida and Georgia by identifying and dating fire scars in dead tree sections.

Current projects include reconstructing the fire history the Red Hills Region, the St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve, and Tyndall Air Force Base. At the latter two study areas, our fire history so far extends back into the 1600s. We are also improving estimates of the season of burn of fire scars by comparing the location of the scar within the ring to the seasonal growth of trees, as well as linking fire scars to prescribed fires with known dates.

Monica Rother slices sections from a scarred piece of longleaf pine.

A fire-scarred section of longleaf pine with abundant fire scars.

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A fire-scarred pieces of longleaf pine with scars identified by arrows.

Kevin Robertson and Jean Huffman work to collect a longleaf stump.


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