Fire Ecology Program

The Southeastern Coastal Plain
Tree-ring Laboratory

The Southeastern Coastal Plain Tree-Ring Laboratory is a collaboration between Kevin Robertson, director of the Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Program, Monica Rother (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) and Research Associate Jean Huffman. Rother’s graduate research involved dendrochronology, and Huffman has been working to develop tree-ring based records of fire in Florida since the late 1990s. The three researchers are collaborating to uncover the fire history of several sites throughout Florida and southern Georgia, building records that will hopefully extend back into the 1600s, possibly earlier.

Kevin Robertson and Jean Huffman work to collect a longleaf stump.

Monica Rother slices sections from a scarred piece of longleaf pine.

A fire-scarred section of longleaf pine with abundant fire scars.

A fire-scarred pieces of longleaf pine with scars identified by arrows.