Community Planning & Advocacy

Supporting smart growth for vibrant communities, resilient economies, and conservation of the Red Hills region

Thomas Planning Department Party

Critical for protecting
the Red Hills

Smart growth benefits Red Hills communities, our economy, and our environment. It provides for a range of housing, utilizes land and tax dollars efficiently, and supports protection of critical conservation areas, farmland, and open space.

Tall Timbers works on a wide range of growth and conservation issues to ensure we have places for people, wildlife, and a healthy environment for both. Learn more.

Thomas Planning Department Party

Big business in the Red Hills and Albany regions

  • In 2018 and 2019, Tall Timbers completed comprehensive economic impact analyses of quail hunting lands in the Red Hills and Albany regions.
  • As part of this process, Tall Timbers surveyed the owners of nearly 700,000 acres of recreational hunting properties.
  • Tall Timbers found that quail hunting created significant and widespread economic and job creation benefits throughout the Red Hills and Greater Albany regions.

economic impact
direct and
indirect jobs

in labor income generated
over 374
overnight visitor
stays related to quail hunting
Planning Meeting
We have been advocating on behalf of the Red Hills region for more than 25 years. We have a long relationship with Leadership Tallahassee, Leadership Thomasville, and Leadership Florida and routinely collaborate with partner organizations in Florida, Georgia and the Southeast. Our advocacy role includes working on a broad range of issues that affect the Red Hills including local growth policy, infrastructure planning, and local and state policy affecting rural lands and rural landowners. Learn more.