Private Lands Prescribed Fire Initiative

Land Management is an art that builds on
history and is based in science.
— Herbert L. Stoddard, Sr.
Prescribed Burning
Prescribed fire is a safe way to apply a natural process, ensure ecosystem health, and reduce wildfire risk.
Gopher Tortoise
A wide variety of wildlife are regularly monitoried on Tall Timbers, including the gopher tortoise population.
Forest Regrowth
Frequent fire, and periodic thinning of the forest are the two most important management techniques.
Land Management Photo Points

Since 1995, photo points have been taken at marked locations on Tall Timbers to document changes in the landscape after various land management treatments, such as frequent prescribed fire and timber thinning, have occurred. Photos are taken every year in October. View the slide show, at right, to see how the landscape has changed at this photo point, 19 W, at various intervals through 2017.

Old Photo of Forest Growth