Livingston Place

Land Conservation

In February of 2009, the Trustees of the Geraldine C.M. Livingston Foundation placed all but 225 of the 9,100 acres of Livingston Place in a perpetual conservation easement with the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD). The stated purpose was to “conserve the value, character, and ecological integrity of the Protected Property, conserve the plant and animal populations …, and prohibit certain future development activity on the property for this and future generations.”

Special protection was extended to the 1,859 acres of wetland forest and freshwater marshes, such as those found along the floodplain of the Aucilla River, the property’s western boundary.

Tall Timbers is well versed in the protection and management of lands in Conservation Easement, as we are an accredited Land Trust, holding well over 130,000 acres of easements in the Red Hills region alone. We are committed to working closely with the SRWMD to uphold the terms of this easement and protect this magnificent property.

Conservation Easement
The Aucilla River
The Aucilla River borders Livingston Place to the west. The wetland forest on the property is provided special protection under the conservation easement with the Suwannee Water Management District.