Beadel Fellowships

The Beadel Fellowship is an award provided to senior scholars for a specific project or for an activity related to Tall Timbers and carries with it a stipend. Bequests from both Henry Beadel and his brother Gerald established the Beadel Fellowships.

Fellowships are typically awarded for one to three years, but may be extended. Progress of the awardees’ will be evaluated annually on the basis of a written report. Recommendations for nominees are made by Tall Timbers research staff, Science and Land Management Committee or the Board of Trustees, and must be approved by the Science and Land Management Committee and Board of Trustees.

Beadel Fellows have contributed immeasurably to research at Tall Timbers throughout the years. They provide wisdom and a storehouse of knowledge for station researchers. We benefit greatly from their interactions with the staff.

Current Beadel Fellows

  • Dr. J. Richard Carter
  • Dr. Jeff Glitzenstein
  • Dr. Gil Nelson
  • Dr. William J. Platt
  • Dr. Donna Streng
Henry L. Beadel, at right, and his brother Gerald W. Beadel

Henry L. Beadel, at right, and his brother Gerald W. Beadel with one of Henry’s custom made boats, February 21, 1926. During much of the pre-World War II period, Gerald owned several hundred acres of land north of Tall Timbers, which he later sold to Henry, who incorporated them into his holding.

Past Beadel Fellows

  • Dr. G. E. Gates
  • Dr. Andre F. Clewell
  • Dr. W. H. Whitcomb
  • Dr. R. J. Vogl
  • Dr. R. H. Arnett, Jr.
  • Dr. Gerd H. Heinrich
  • Dr. Hale G. Smith
  • Dr. Henry M. Stevenson
  • Dr. Robert K. Godfrey
  • Dr. John W. Reynolds
  • Dr. William Brueckheimer
  • Dr. Karl T. Steinen
  • Miranda Stephens
  • Steve Frick
  • Mr. Angus Gholson
  • Dr. Robert M. Farrar
  • Mr. Wilson Baker
  • Dr. William Boyer
  • Dr. Jim Laacke
  • Dr. Dave Ligon
  • Dr. Sandra Ligon