Visiting Scientists

Tall Timbers staff scientists and biologists conduct collaborative research with a large number of researchers from across the U.S. Collaborative researchers not on staff are considered Visiting Scientists. These include graduate students and their major advisors.

Because we have a large number of projects ongoing, some basic guidelines are outlined below and must be followed so that conflicts are minimized. In all situations, projects conducted by visiting scientists must be compatible with the overall research mission at Tall Timbers.

Scientists interested in conducting research on Tall Timbers owned or managed lands should contact Jennifer Roberts, Research Coordinator, or a research staff scientist aligned with their area of interest regarding staff sponsorship. The staff sponsor serves as a liaison between the visiting scientist and the institution.

There are two categories of Visiting Scientists: (1) Research Associate, and (2) Visiting Researcher In both cases, they must have a staff sponsor from the Research Department.

Research Associates

A Tall Timbers Research Associate is an individual who has contributed substantially over time to the ecological and land management research goals of Tall Timbers. This honorary title, which is reviewed periodically, is given to special individuals who are nominated by the staff and who receive unanimous approval by the Science and Land Management Committee. Associates who conduct research on Tall Timbers’ study sites or use Tall Timbers facilities must follow all policies related to visiting researchers.

Visiting Researcher

A Visiting Researcher is anyone not on staff who conducts research on Tall Timbers or on any other land managed by Tall Timbers. They must have a staff sponsor, and provide their own transportation, computer and word processing needs, long-distance phone calls, and postage.

Facilities – If possible, Tall Timbers will provide office and laboratory space for visiting scientists. Wireless internet is available throughout most buildings. Storage space is limited. Costs associated with use of the facility may be downloaded. See links at right.

Housing – Contact Jenny Taylor for availability. Email Jenny or call 850-893-4253, x241.

Approval of Research Projects, Facilities and Resource Use – All visiting researchers must obtain approval by the Research Director prior to submission of applications for extramural funding, or initiation of any research project through or on Tall Timbers. (Download approval form). In the case of grant proposals for extramural funding, the signed approved form will accompany all proposals. A Research Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement form must also be signed and submitted with your application.

Please choose the application type that best fits the purpose of your visit to Tall Timbers and submit it for approval. Submission of an application does not guarantee your request or project will be approved. Download, and complete the form and email it to Dr. Bill Palmer, Research Director.

Research Associates

Andre F. Clewell, PhD,
Botanist, Ellenton, FL

R. Todd Engstrom, PhD,
Florida State University

Jeff Glitzenstein, PhD,
Fire Ecology

Jean M. Huffman, PhD,
Fire Ecology

W. J. Platt, PhD,
Louisiana State University

Donna Streng, PhD,
Fire Ecology

Visiting Researchers

David Almquist,
Florida Natural Areas Inventory

Kristen K. Cecala, PhD,
The University of the South