Bill McKeown Exhibit at Tall Timbers

The Tallahassee Watercolor Society (TAWS) and Tall Timbers are proud to showcase the collected works of local artist, William Hugh (Bill) McKeown at the Webster Gallery in the historic Beadel House at Tall Timbers. The exhibit, “Here, There and Yonder,” opens Sunday, June 25, and closes August 14, 2017. The paintings are of beloved rural scenes of Bill’s native Gadsden County and maritime scenes from the Florida Gulf Coast, but also from his travels in the U. S. and abroad.The opening reception will be from 2-4 pm, Sunday, June 25. Gallery hours are Tuesday & Thursday from 2-4 pm. Call Juanita Whiddon at 850-893-4153, x236 or 850-566-3390 to schedule a special tour.

This book is the monograph of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Its publication is the result of over 40 years of long-term, in-depth study of the world’s largest rattlesnake. Author Bruce Means writes, “The limited biological knowledge available for this species is all the more amazing when one considers the economic impact of this snake. Because of its large size and highly toxic venom, it is arguably the most dangerous venomous snake in the U.S. and Canada, accounting for more human mortality than any other species….” More about the book & to order, click here.

WFSU Local Routes EcoAdventure features Dr. Bruce Means

Watch Dr. Bruce Means in the Apalachicola National Forest talk about the eastern diamondback rattlesnake and it’s importance in the longleaf ecosystem. Bruce is considered a leading expert on this misunderstood species, and has written the definitive book on the rattler, called Diamonds in the Rough. Bruce Means has studied the eastern diamondback for over forty years, and has worked in the longleaf ecosystem for over fifty. The video segment was created by WFSU media producer Rob Diaz de Villegas. To view click here.