Tall Timbers' Bobwhite Quail Management Handbook

“The Tall Timbers’ Bobwhite Quail Management Handbook is an essential tool for anyone wanting to understand the ecology and management of bobwhites in their eastern range. The authors have done an excellent job of distilling years of scientific investigation, involving thousands of bobwhites, into an easy to understand, but comprehensive guide of best practices for bobwhite management.”

Edited by William E. Palmer and D. Clay Sisson. Published by Tall Timbers Press; 160 pages; 7 x 10. Hardback: $30.00. For more about the book and to purchase, click here.


The fall exhibit at Tall Timbers’ Webster Gallery has traditionally featured paintings set in our Red Hills region. This year over 20 artists have submitted more than 30 paintings featuring the plants, animals, buildings, and activities in this south Georgia and north Florida setting. Make your plans to see what these talented and imaginative artists have on display in the second floor Beadel House gallery. The exhibit opened September 17and remains up until November 10. Gallery hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 – 4:00 pm during the exhibit. Groups may schedule special tours by calling Juanita Whiddon at 850-893-4153, ext. 236 or 850-566-3390.

This book is the monograph of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Its publication is the result of over 40 years of long-term, in-depth study of the world’s largest rattlesnake. Author Bruce Means writes, “The limited biological knowledge available for this species is all the more amazing when one considers the economic impact of this snake. Because of its large size and highly toxic venom, it is arguably the most dangerous venomous snake in the U.S. and Canada, accounting for more human mortality than any other species….” More about the book & to order, click here.